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Charoen Pokphand Achieves Record Profits, Forecasts Sustained Growth

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Charoen Pokphand, a prominent player in the white broiler and feed industries, announces impressive financial results for the first three quarters. Consolidated revenue reaches a formidable 21.95 billion yuan, while operating profit stands at 2.147 billion yuan. Notably, the after-tax net profit amounts to 1.672 billion yuan, resulting in an outstanding 5.67 yuan per share.

The newly inaugurated CP Yunlin feed plant demonstrates promising performance. Operating at full load, the plant can presently produce 20,000 tons of feed per month in two shifts, showcasing its potential to become a profitable asset.

Furthermore, the Taoyuan meat cutting plant is slated for completion in mid-next year, with potential operational commencement in July to August. The plant is projected to process 500 to 600 heads of pork per day at maximum capacity, contributing an estimated annual revenue of 3.5 billion yuan.

Experts note that Charoen Pokphand’s thriving businesses in white broiler chicken, feed, and prepared food are benefiting from favorable market conditions, including high domestic pig prices and strategic feed inventory management. The company is optimistic about the year’s overall performance, anticipating a record-high profit for the fiscal year.

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