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Celltrion Secures Major European Contracts for Cancer Biosimilars

Celltrion's expansion in European market marked by biosimilar contracts across France, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands
South Korea
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South Korean biopharmaceutical firm Celltrion Inc. has made a significant stride in the European healthcare market by securing supply contracts for three of its anticancer biosimilars. The contracts span across several key European nations, including France, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands, marking a pivotal expansion for the company.

In France, Celltrion has achieved successful contracts for Herzuma, a biosimilar used in breast and stomach cancer treatments, and Vegzelma, aimed at non-small cell lung cancer and metastatic colorectal cancer therapies. These biosimilars were contracted by public hospital unions GRAPS and GAULoYS. Additionally, Vegzelma secured bids in the GRECAPS, Groupement Niort, and Groupement PharmSERA. These contracts position Celltrion in approximately 10% of the French anticancer drug market.

The company’s reach extends to Italy, where Truxima, Herzuma, and Vegzelma were contracted in government tenders by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Sicilia regions. In Belgium, Herzuma and Vegzelma were successful in the Hospilim bid for the Limburg region hospital union. Lastly, in the Netherlands, Celltrion won a bid from Santeon, a top hospital union, for Truxima and Herzuma.

These contracts, which vary in duration from two to over four years, not only enhance Celltrion’s presence in the European market but also underscore the growing importance of biosimilars in global cancer treatment strategies.

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