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Canon Unveils Cutting-Edge Nanoimprint Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment at Canon EXPO 2023

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Canon showcases FPA-1200NZ2C, a nanoimprint lithography-based semiconductor manufacturing device, promising cost efficiency and precise circuit patterns in Tokyo exhibition.

Canon and Canon Marketing Japan unveiled their latest semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the FPA-1200NZ2C, at the Canon EXPO 2023. This innovative device employs nanoimprint lithography (NIL) technology, which forms circuits by pressing patterns akin to a stamp, differing from conventional light-based circuit printing methods.

The FPA-1200NZ2C uses a dispenser to release resist droplets onto a wafer, and a circuit-patterned mask is then pressed against it to fill the resist. UV light cures the resist, forming a circuit pattern. Canon leverages its inkjet expertise to ensure precise resist ejection. The mask is delicately controlled during the pressing process to prevent damage.

Canon’s device excels in accuracy, measuring and correcting positions with sub-nanometer precision, and uses laser irradiation to thermally correct wafer distortions. This unique matching system ensures precise overlay of patterns.

Nanoimprint lithography offers a cost-effective approach, enabling the creation of three-dimensional circuit patterns in a single step. It significantly reduces the time and power needed compared to EUV exposure methods.

Beyond circuit patterns, this technology holds promise for microscopic optical devices and the production of metalenses with nanoscale microstructures. Visitors to the event also experienced a virtual demonstration of a large-scale semiconductor manufacturing device using mixed reality technology, showcasing its potential in training and maintenance applications within Canon.

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