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Bandai Namco and Atlas V Collaborate on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Phantom of Silver Ash” – A New VR Experience

Bandai Namco Film Works partners with VR production company Atlas V for "Mobile Suit Gundam: Phantom of Silver Ash," offering an immersive VR experience
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Bandai Namco Film Works revealed its latest project on November 20th, titled “Mobile Suit Gundam: Phantom of Silver Ash” (English title: “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: Silver Phantom”). In collaboration with VR production company Atlas V, known for creating immersive experiences like “Gloomy Eyes” and “Battlescar,” the release aims to offer Gundam fans a novel way to explore the Gundam universe through Virtual Reality (VR). The project promises an unprecedented interactive story for fans to engage with, providing a fresh perspective on the iconic Gundam world. Distribution will be handled by Astrea, a prolific VR content developer, with availability on Meta’s VR headset, Meta Quest. The collaboration seeks to deliver the essence of Gundam to a global audience through this innovative VR experience.

Accompanying the announcement is a teaser video, and further details about the content and development of the work will be disclosed as soon as they are finalized.

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