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AUO’s Profit-Making Space4M Collaborates with BMW Riverside Exhibition Center for Smart Retail LED Immersive Experience

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AUO’s profit-making subsidiary, Space4M, specializing in smart retail software and hardware integration, has teamed up with the Pan-German BMW Riverside Exhibition Center in Taipei, guided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Under this collaboration, BMW aims to create a groundbreaking Mini LED real-time interactive exhibition solution utilizing intelligent display service solutions.

AUO envisions extending the application of this smart display interactive exhibition and sales solution to various high-end niche markets, including sample houses, yachts, and more. The Taipei-based Pan-German BMW Riverside Exhibition Center serves as the inaugural stop for this plan, hinting at potential expansion into additional fields in the future.

The real-time interactive exhibition solution, introduced by Space4M, incorporates a P1.56 ultra-small spacing and a 3840Hz high refresh rate studio-grade Mini LED. It offers a lifelike sense of speed in the simulated driving experience, complete with a specially designed parallelogram display wall that mirrors the M-Power logo.

Key features of the interactive exhibition solution include personalized content promotion through customer identification, a virtual Engine Start button activated via QR code scanning on mobile phones, allowing customers to experience the thrill of driving through realistic visuals and sounds. Additionally, customers can engage in interactive photos with self-selected scenes, choosing the ideal dynamic background for a photo session with their future car. The virtual 360 car viewing system displays BMW’s existing car interface on the LED wall in real time, enabling customers to modify vehicle interiors, parts, and colors for an immersive virtual car viewing experience.

Lin Peihong, Chairman of Space4M, expressed honor in being recognized by Taipei Pan-German BMW and launching the “smart retail LED immersive real-time interactive display center solution” ahead of the automotive industry in Taiwan. The collaboration aims to deepen the car viewing experience for customers and underscores Space4M’s commitment to innovation and delivering advanced, high-value solutions for various applications. The success of this venture prompts anticipation for its expansion into diverse fields, creating maximum value for customers and consumers.

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