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ASMedia Technology Approves Cash Dividend and Elects New Independent Director

Dr. Jin Lianfang joins board as ASMedia focuses on high-speed transmission product expansion
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At its recent shareholders’ meeting, high-speed transmission IC manufacturer ASMedia Technology approved a cash dividend of NT$20 per share and successfully elected Dr. Jin Lianfang as an independent director. Dr. Jin, who holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and Applied Physics from Columbia University, brings extensive experience from his roles as senior deputy general manager of global business and services at TSMC and vice president of global business and services at IBM Microelectronics Division. His expertise in the semiconductor industry and global marketing will enhance the board’s diversity and professionalism.

ASMedia’s President, Lin Che-Wei, emphasized the company’s focus on optimizing its product portfolio and foundry capabilities to diversify risks and revenue streams. Leading the market with its high-speed transmission products, ASMedia’s USB4 device-side chip ASM2464PD/ASM2464PDX and host-side control chip ASM4242 are compatible with Thunderbolt and existing USB technologies. These products support applications such as SSDs, docking stations, and AI chip series connections, contributing to the growing USB4 ecosystem.

Looking forward, ASMedia plans to launch additional high-speed transmission solutions, including the PCIe Gen4 Packet Switch and USB4 Dock, to meet customer demands.

In 2023, ASMedia reported operating income of NT$6.401 billion, with a pre-tax net profit of NT$2.569 billion and an after-tax net profit of NT$2.228 billion. The company achieved an earnings per share (EPS) of NT$32.19 and a cash dividend of NT$20 per share, reflecting an earnings distribution rate of 62%.

With these strategic developments and financial milestones, ASMedia Technology is well-positioned for continued growth and innovation in the high-speed transmission IC market.



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