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ADATA Reports Robust October Profits Surpassing Last Year’s Pre-Tax Net Earnings

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ADATA, the memory module manufacturer, reports a robust October performance with a monthly operating net profit of ¥352 million and a pre-tax profit of 304 billion yuan. The cumulative net profit for the first ten months surpasses last year’s pre-tax earnings, reaching 1.052 billion yuan, exceeding the 2022 figure of 1.085 billion yuan.

The third-quarter operating net profit surged by 264.51% to 517 million yuan, driven by strategic inventory management and the upward trend in DRAM and NAND Flash prices. The net profit attributable to the parent company’s owners reached 414 million yuan, marking a quarterly increase of 55% and an impressive annual rise of nearly 2 times, resulting in a net profit after tax per share of 1.57 yuan.

ADATA anticipates a continued positive trajectory, with October’s pre-tax net profit indicating a growth trend likely to extend into the fourth quarter.

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