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ADATA Records 80% Annual Increase in Pre-Tax Net Profit Amid Rising Memory Prices

Optimistic Outlook for 2024 as Memory Demand and Prices Projected to Grow
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ADATA, a leading memory module manufacturer, has reported a substantial increase in its financial performance for December 2023 and the full year, primarily driven by surging memory quotations. The company announced a pre-tax net profit of 246 million yuan in December, translating to a notable 0.83 yuan per share. For the entire year of 2023, ADATA’s cumulative pre-tax net profit reached an impressive 1.952 billion yuan, marking an approximate 80% increase from the previous year, with pre-tax earnings per share around 6.59 yuan.

Looking ahead to 2024, ADATA remains bullish about the memory market. The company anticipates that the combined effects of reduced production and capacity constraints among memory manufacturers will continue to buoy the market. Additionally, the expanding applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the latter half of the year are expected to stimulate further demand across servers, PCs, and smartphones. Consequently, prices for DRAM and NAND Flash, the two primary memory devices, are projected to maintain their upward trend throughout the year.

ADATA’s Chairman Chen Libai has expressed confidence in the positive trajectory of memory prices for 2024, following a consistent rise in the prices of NAND Flash and DRAM since the fourth quarter of last year. With memory prices expected to increase more readily than decrease, another surge in demand is anticipated. This resurgence in memory stocking is likely to fuel continued growth in the company’s revenue performance, positioning ADATA for a strong performance in the dynamic and expanding memory market.

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