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Oxford Metrica and JAKOTA Index Portfolios Launch the OM JAKOTA 60 Index: A New Benchmark for the JAKOTA Region

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16 February 2024, London – New York – Oxford Metrica and JAKOTA Index Portfolios are proud to introduce the OM JAKOTA 60 Index (OMJ 60), a pioneering stock index designed to furnish investors with a comprehensive measure of the JAKOTA region’s market performance, encompassing Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

The OMJ 60 Index, a derivative of the JAKOTA Blue Chip 150 Index, is a smart beta index consisting of the top twenty stocks from each of the three countries, selected for their market capitalisation and performance. This innovative index aims to offer a unique asset class representing the rapid growth and potential of the JAKOTA markets, providing a valuable tool for global investors seeking diversified exposure to high-growth markets.

“By introducing the OMJ 60, we aim to fill a gap in the current index landscape and offer investors a new way to gauge and participate in the vibrant economies of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan,” said Dr. Rory Knight, Chairman of Oxford Metrica. “We believe this index not only highlights the region’s significance in the global economy but also its potential for yielding above-average returns in the coming decade”.

The OMJ 60 Index is expected to serve as a benchmark for investors, allowing them to track the performance of the region’s most significant and influential companies. Its evidence-based and equal-weighted approach provides a balanced representation of the three countries, offering a natural hedge against currency risk and a strategic tool for international asset allocation and performance measurement.

“We are excited to launch the OMJ 60 Index and contribute to the evolving landscape of global investment indices. This index represents our commitment to delivering innovative investment solutions that meet the needs of today’s sophisticated investors,” commented Ms. Motoko Yorozu, Managing Director of JAKOTA Index Portfolios.

For more information about the OM JAKOTA 60 Index and its methodology, please visit and read the white paper on the OM JAKOTA 60 Index by Oxford Metrica.

About Oxford Metrica

Oxford Metrica is a strategic advisory firm, offering informed counsel to boards. Their advisory services are anchored on evidence-based research in risk and financial performance. Their work includes statistical analysis and index construction for banks and insurers, risk and performance analytics for asset managers, due diligence support in mergers and highly customised services for corporate boards.

About JAKOTA Index Portfolios

JAKOTA Index Portfolios is a New York based financial media company and index provider specialising in the JAKOTA (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) regional markets. It is supported by a diverse international consortium, including leaders like Nobias Media from Portugal and Oxford Metrica from the UK, along with partners such as Digital Domain Global AI Lab and JAKOTA Taiwan Capital Partners. The company focuses on leveraging the expected rapid growth and outperformance of JAKOTA markets in the next decade. JAKOTA Index Portfolios owns and operates, which offers proprietary Jakota equity indices and in-house research for the global investment community. It also provides Investor Relations services aimed at public companies from the JAKOTA region seeking to enhance their capital markets presence.


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JAKOTA Index Portfolios
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