All data are based on the daily closing price as of May 24, 2024
JAKOTA Stocks on October 25, 2023

JAKOTA Stocks on October 25, 2023

South Korea
m 439090.KQ s 403550.KO b 406820.KQ f 5439.TWO t 214420.KO l 373220.KO p 137400.KQ
Blue Chip 150
Mid and Small Cap 2000
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Asian markets exhibit a mixed bag of results: Japan's Nikkei 225 rides a wave of positive momentum, South Korea's KOSPI takes a dip, while JAKOTA indices reflect subtle movements in both directions.

Mixed Market Trends Across JAKOTA as Japanese Stocks Gain Momentum

Japan (Nikkei 225 Index – NIK): Japanese shares displayed resilience, marking a second consecutive day of gains. The Nikkei 225 Index NIK, +0.67% increased by 0.7%, closing at 31,269.92.

South Korea (KOSPI Composite Index – 180721): In contrast, the KOSPI Composite Index 180721, -0.85% of South Korean stocks experienced a decline, dropping by 0.9% to 2,363.17.

Taiwan (TWSE Index): Taiwan’s TWSE Index exhibited modest growth, closing at 16,358.89, reflecting an increase of 0.30%.

JAKOTA Blue Chip 150 Index witnessed a slight movement from 106.92 to 106.80, indicating a decrease of approximately -0.112% in blue-chip stock performance.

JAKOTA Mid and Small Cap 2000 Index showed a marginal decrease from 102.18 to 102.01, reflecting a decrease of approximately -0.166% in mid and small-cap stock performance.

Top Gainers:

  • MANYO FACTORY (439090.KQ) – 27950 KRW – displayed exceptional strength, surging by 30%. Investors took notice of the stock’s robust performance, contributing to the day’s positive sentiment.
  • SOCAR (403550.KQ) – 19400 KRW – experienced a substantial gain of 22.55%, attracting attention from investors seeking opportunities in the market. The surge in value marked a notable uptrend for the company as it announced working on a project to support the movement of job seekers.
  • BEAUTY SKIN (406820.KQ) – 20350 KRW – demonstrated solid growth, posting an impressive gain of 16.35%. The company’s positive performance drew interest as investors observed the upward trajectory.
  • FIRST HI-TEC ENTERPRISE (5439.TW) – 117.5 TWD – in Taiwan showed resilience, with a notable gain of 9.81%. The company recently announced that it received a certificate of appreciation from Xihan’er charity sale, contributing to the positive performance.
  • TONYMOLY (214420.KQ) – 4665 KRW – in South Korea marked a gain of 9.12%, reflecting positive dynamics in the cosmetics and beauty sector. Investors recognized the company’s performance amid broader market trends.

Top Losers:

  • POSCO FUTURE M (003670.KRX) – 274000 KRW – faced a decline of 10.16%, signaling challenges for the company in the market as Analysts cut target prices on POSCO Future M after slow Q3 earnings.
  • ECOPRO BM (247540.KQ) – 213000 KRW – experienced a decrease of 8.78%, indicating challenges or market adjustments for the company before the upcoming general shareholders meeting.
  • LG ENERGY SOLUTION (373220.KQ) – 409500 KRW – witnessed a decline of 8.7%, despite having a 40% increase in operating profit for the Q3.
  • SERVERWORKS CO LTD (4334.TSE) – 3195 JPY – in Japan faced a decrease of 8.58%, following the publication of second quarter financial results briefing for the fiscal year ending February 2024.
  • PEOPLE & TECHNOLOGY (137400.KQ) – 54400 KRW– experienced a decrease of 8.26%, signaling challenges or adjustments in the market for the company. Investors scrutinized the factors contributing to the decline in stock value.
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