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JAKOTA Stocks on October 23, 2023

South Korea
t 360070.KQ e 206650.KQ j 6197.TW h 012450.KO l 6696.TWO b 2936.TSE m 3912.TSE y 4334.TSE i 9338.TSE a 078520.KO
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Despite downward pressure on key Asian stock indices, companies such as Top Material bucked the trend, showcasing the market's underlying volatility.

Mixed Sentiments Prevail as Key Indices Face Downturns

Japan (Nikkei 225 Index – NIK): The Nikkei 225 Index, representing Japanese companies, weakened by 0.8%, closing at 30,999.55.

South Korea (KOSPI Composite Index – 180721): KOSPI Composite Index of South Korean stocks fell by 0.8% to 2,357.02.

Taiwan (TWSE Index): The Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted Index (TWSE) also saw a decline, closing at 16,251.36 with a loss of 1.15%.

Top Gainers:

  • TOP MATERIAL (360070.KQ) emerged as the top gainer, surging by an impressive 29.85% to 64,600 KRW. The company’s robust performance attracted significant attention in the market.
  • EUBIOLOGICS (206650.KQ) demonstrated resilience, posting a gain of 10.15% to reach 9,550 KRW. The positive momentum contributed to the company’s noteworthy performance.
  • JESS-LINK PRODUCTS CO (6197.TWO) recorded a substantial gain of 9.89%, closing at 78.9 TWD. The company’s strong market presence was evident in its upward trajectory.
  • HANWHA AEROSPACE (012450.KQ) experienced a solid increase of 6.70%, reaching 100,300 KRW. The company’s positive movement added to the overall market sentiment.
  • LIN BIOSCIENCE INC (6696.TWO) rounded out the top gainers with a gain of 6.25%, closing at 110.5 TWD. The company’s positive performance contributed to the overall market optimism.

Top Losers:

  • BASE FOOD INC (2936.TSE) faced a significant setback, registering a notable decline of 16.92% to 491 JPY. The company’s performance disappointed investors, contributing to the top losers list.
  • MOBILE FACTORY INC (3912.TSE) witnessed a downturn of 16.21%, closing at 672 JPY. The factors affecting the company’s shares were closely scrutinized by investors.
  • YUKE’S CO LTD (4334.TSE) recorded a loss of 11.47%, closing at 903 JPY. The company faced challenges during the trading day, impacting its overall performance.
  • INFORICH Inc. (9338.TSE) struggled, experiencing a decline of 11.21% to 3,365 JPY. Investors monitored the factors influencing the company’s market dynamics.
  • ABLE C&C (078520.KQ) rounded out the list of top losers with a decline of 10.09% to 8,020 KRW. The company faced headwinds, contributing to the overall downturn in its performance.

Stay tuned for further updates and analysis as market conditions continue to evolve.

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