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JAKOTA Stocks on October 19, 2023

South Korea
h 003280.KO s 403550.KO g 3629.TWO k 2930.TSE y 4334.TSE s 019170.KO z 234920.KQ d 241560.KO j 322510.KQ
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JAKOTA's trading session witnessed mixed performances with Japan and South Korea indices retreating, while Taiwan managed to buck the trend. Amid the broader downturn, select stocks, including Heung–A Shipping and Socar, showcased commendable growth, grabbing investor attention.

JAKOTA Markets Encounter Headwinds: Key Indices Experience Downturn

Japan (Nikkei 225 Index – NIK): Japan’s Nikkei 225 Index NIK, -1.91% faced a challenging day, weakening by 1.9% to 31,430.62.

South Korea (KOSPI Composite Index – 180721): The KOSPI Composite Index 180721, -1.90% of South Korean stocks also saw a decline of 1.9%, settling at 2,415.80.

Taiwan (TWSE Index): Meanwhile, the Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted Index displayed resilience, edging up by 0.07% to 16,452.73.

Top Gainers:

  • Heung–A Shipping (003280.KQ): The stock surged by an impressive 15.2%, closing at 2350 KRW. Heung–A Shipping demonstrated robust performance and even received a caution notice: “The following stocks will be designated as investment caution stocks on October 23, 2023 (1 day), so please be careful when investing.
  • Socar (403550.KQ): With an increase of 12.12%, Socar reached 17020 KRW. The company’s positive momentum reflected investor confidence in its prospects.
  • Gravity Co. Ltd (3629.TW) gained 5.9%, closing at 30.5 TWD. The company’s shares exhibited strength in the Taiwan market, contributing to positive sentiment.
  • Kitanotatsujin Corp (2930.TSE): The Japanese company recorded a gain of 5.13%, reaching 205 JPY. Investors in Japan took note of Kitanotatsujin Corp’s after publication of Transcript of Financial Results Briefing for the Second Quarter FY2024.
  • Jesco Holdings Inc. (1434.TSE) showed resilience, posting a gain of 5.03% and closing at 773 JPY. The company’s performance attracted attention in the Japanese market.

Top Losers:

  • Yuke’s Co. Ltd (4334.TSE) faced headwinds, registering a notable decline of 23.06%, closing at 1001 JPY. Investors closely monitored the challenges impacting the company.
  • Shinpoong Pharm (019170.KQ): The South Korean pharmaceutical company encountered a decline of 18.96%, closing at 11030 KRW. Market dynamics in South Korea played a role in its performance.
  • Zaigle (234920.KQ) saw a decline of 14.68%, closing at 16100 KRW. The company faced challenges, reflecting market trends in South Korea.
  • Doosan Bobcat (241560.KQ) recorded a loss of 11.76%, closing at 45000 KRW. The company’s performance was scrutinized by investors in South Korea.
  • JLK (322510.KQ) faced a downturn, closing at 17610 KRW with a loss of 9.92%. The company’s shares encountered challenges in the South Korean market.

Stay tuned for further updates and analysis as market conditions continue to evolve.

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