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JAKOTA Stocks on November 9, 2023

South Korea
t 6315.TSE r 7944.TSE n 6996.TSE s 6458.TSE m 4182.TSE l 328130.KQ f 440110.KQ s 4053.TSE f 9075.TSE s 6753.TSE
Blue Chip 150
Mid and Small Cap 2000
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On Thursday, November 9th, the JAKOTA stock market witnessed a blend of positive and cautious movements, reflecting diverse performances across key indices. While Japan's Nikkei 225 Index and South Korea's KOSPI Composite Index showed resilience with gains, the overall sentiment was nuanced. The JAKOTA Blue Chip 150 Index and the Mid and Small Cap 2000 Index experienced modest changes, adding to the complexity of the market landscape.

A Surge of Confidence: Japan and South Korea Lead, JAKOTA Indices Follow Suit

Japan (Nikkei 225 Index – NIK): Japanese shares demonstrated strength, rising by 1.5% to 32,646.46. The positive momentum in Japan’s market contributed to the overall upbeat sentiment in the region.

South Korea (KOSPI Composite Index – 180721): The KOSPI rose by 0.2% to 2,427.08, indicating a day of cautious optimism for South Korean stocks. Various factors influenced the performance of key companies.

Taiwan (TWSE Index): The TWSE displayed a marginal gain, closing at 16,745.65, suggesting a subdued market trend. Specific sectors contributed to the positive movement.

JAKOTA Blue Chip 150 Index increased to 110.96 USD (0.95%), signaling a slight uptick in major blue-chip stocks. Notable movements were observed within the index.

JAKOTA Mid and Small Cap 2000 Index rose to 105.81 USD (0.46%), reflecting positive market dynamics for mid and small-cap stocks. Certain companies within the index stood out with distinctive performances.

Top Gainers:

Top Losers:

  • Lunit (328130.KQ) faced a notable decline, dropping by 47.48% to 66.84 USD.
  • FADU (440110.KQ) experienced a loss of 29.75%, closing at 18.02 USD, reflecting challenges within its industry. Market dynamics and specific factors contributed to the downturn.
  • Sun* (4053.TSE) recorded a decline of 17.50%, closing at 7.64 USD, facing headwinds in its sector. The company’s performance after publishing the Third Quarter Report for the Fiscal Year Ending December 2023 added nuances to the day’s trading.
  • Fukuyama Transporting (9075.TSE) saw a loss of 11.45%, closing at 24.30 USD, reflecting challenges in the transportation and logistics sector.
  • Sharp (6753.TSE) faced a decline of 11.33%, closing at 6.05 USD, influenced by market trends and industry dynamics as well as recent Financial Results.
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