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JAKOTA Stocks on December 6, 2023

South Korea
s 067160.KQ y 122870.KQ s 3778.TSE t 7911.TSE c 278280.KQ t 8600.TSE h 009420.KO p 6446.TWO e 294090.KQ t 6266.TSE
Blue Chip 150
Mid and Small Cap 2000
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On Wednesday, December 6th, the JAKOTA stock markets witnessed varied performances, with a significant gain in the Japanese market, marginal movement in South Korea, and a slight increase in the Taiwanese index. JAKOTA indices experienced mixed trends, reflecting the dynamic nature of the regional stock landscape.

Varying Dynamics Across JAKOTA Equities: Nikkei’s Robust Gain, KOSPI’s Steady Performance, TWSE’s Modest Rise, Mixed JAKOTA Index Trends

Japan (Nikkei 225 Index – NIK): Japanese shares surged, gaining 2.0% to close at 33,445.90. The substantial positive movement indicated strong investor confidence, driven by specific factors influencing key sectors.

South Korea (KOSPI Composite Index – 180721): The KOSPI remained stable, showing no significant change and closing at 2,495.38. South Korean stocks experienced a day of relative stability, influenced by sector-specific dynamics and overall market conditions.

Taiwan (TWSE Index): The TWSE demonstrated a modest gain, closing at 17,360.72 with an increase of 0.19%. Sector-specific factors contributed to the slight upward trend in Taiwan’s stock market.

JAKOTA Blue Chip 150 Index experienced a notable decrease, closing at 115.46 USD, indicating negative movements in major blue-chip stocks. Specific market factors influenced the downtick.

JAKOTA Mid and Small Cap 2000 Index saw a substantial increase, settling at 111.38 USD with a gain of 1.13%. The significant movement suggested positive momentum for mid and small-cap stocks in the regional market.

Top Gainers:

AfreecaTV (067160.KQ) surged impressively by 29.75%, closing at 62.41 USD. Twitch exits Korea, AfreecaTV shares surge after the announcement.

YG Entertainment (122870.KQ) recorded a notable gain of 25.48%, reaching 45.12 USD. Blackpink’s will-they-won’t-they contract renewal dance finally ends on a happy note.

SAKURA Internet (3778.TSE) showed strength with a gain of 12.18%, closing at 14.87 USD.

TOPPAN Holdings (7911.TSE) exhibited robust growth, recording a gain of 11.12% to close at 27.79 USD.

Chunbo (278280.KQ) demonstrated growth, closing at 92.49 USD with a gain of 10.92%. Sector-specific factors and favorable market conditions influenced the positive movement.

Top Losers:

TOMONY Holdings (8600.TSE) faced a significant decline of 16.70%, closing at 2.73 USD. Recent notice of New Stock Issuance and Stock Sale affected the performance.

Hanall Biopharma (009420.KO) witnessed a loss of 7.03%, closing at 25.18 USD.

PharmaEssentia (6446.TWO) recorded a decline of 6.81%, closing at 10.68 USD. The company published the Revenue Report today.

EOFLOW (294090.KQ) faced a decline of 6.63%, closing at 7.83 USD after Medtronic has terminated its $738M acquisition deal for EOFlow due to “multiple breaches” of their definitive agreements.

Tazmo (6266.TSE) witnessed a decline of 6.07%, closing at 22.61 USD.

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