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JAKOTA Stocks on December 29, 2023

South Korea
s 052020.KQ c 2362.TW n 6230.TW e 6689.TW q 2352.TW c 119860.KQ j 7172.TSE j 6740.TSE g 3629.TWO j 3548.TWO
Blue Chip 150
Mid and Small Cap 2000
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On Friday December 29th, the JAKOTA stock markets experienced varied movements, with Japanese stocks facing a slight decline. South Korea's market remained closed, while the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) showed a marginal increase. The JAKOTA Mid and Small Cap 2000 Index and JAKOTA Blue Chip 150 Index recorded positive momentum, indicating strength in mid and large-cap stocks in the regional market.

Mixed Day for the JAKOTA Stocks: Nikkei Down Slightly, TWSE Sees Small Gain, Korea Exchange Shut, JAKOTA Indices Exhibit Minor Upticks

Japan (Nikkei 225 Index – NIK): Japanese shares weakened by 0.2%, closing at 33,464.17. The market’s slight decline suggested a day of cautious trading, with specific factors influencing select sectors.

South Korea (Korea Exchange): The market remained closed on December 29th.

Taiwan (TWSE Index): The TWSE showed a marginal increase, closing at 17,930.81 with a gain of 0.11%. The index’s slight uptick was influenced by sector-specific factors and limited market activity.

JAKOTA Blue Chip 150 Index gained 0.04%, closing at 119.74 USD. Major blue-chip stocks in the region showed stability, contributing to the index’s modest performance.

JAKOTA Mid and Small Cap 2000 Index saw a slight increase, gaining 0.10% to close at 115.64 USD. The positive movement indicated strength for mid and small-cap stocks in the regional market.

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