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JAKOTA Economic Forum 2023: Charting a Prosperous Path for Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea

South Korea
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The "2023 JAKOTA Economic Trends Forum" was held in Taipei on November 28. Organized by Business Weekly Taiwan in collaboration with JAKOTA Index Portfolio Inc., the forum convened in Taipei Far Eastern Shangri-La Hotel, bringing together renowned financial experts and business leaders from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

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Keynote speaker Dr. Rory Knight, the Founder and Chairman of JAKOTA Index Portfolio Inc. and former Deputy Director in the Swiss National Bank (SNB), highlighted the promising economic future of the JAKOTA region. He emphasized that the return on investment in these countries is expected to outperform the global average over the next decade. Dr. Knight attributed this optimism to the region’s liberal democracies, political stability, and strong adherence to the rule of law, which he believes offer better economic conditions compared to other developing nations.

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Dr. Knight also pointed out three major risks facing the region: potential for conflict, corporate governance issues, and regulations on foreign ownership of companies. To mitigate these risks, the JAKOTA Index Portfolio Inc. was established to provide detailed reports and insights on industry dynamics, enhancing communication between investors and local businesses.

Francis Knight, a member of the Advisory Board of JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc., contributed an insightful perspective on the role of as as a meeting ground for regional companies and investors, enabling them to engage directly and understand each other’s cultural nuances, thereby fostering transparent investment and sustainable growth in the JAKOTA region.

The forum also featured perspectives from other financial leaders. King Ho, Co-Head of Asia Pacific Depository Banking and Executive Director of Product Head at JPMorgan Chase Bank, shared his views on Wall Street’s perspective on JAKOTA’s development. Catherine Shang, Vice President of OTC Markets Group, elaborated on how Japanese companies can make effective use of the capital market, issue ADRs, and employ other fund-raising methods to enhance their competitiveness.

Representatives from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, including Jeff Chang, Chairman of Cathay Securities Investment Trust and Cathay Private Equity, and Jangwon Lee, CEO of CT Investments and Contents Technologies, discussed the competitive differences in technology, semiconductor industries, and the potential of the Korean K-POP industry.

The event’s significance was underscored by the presence of notable attendees, such as Taoyuan City Mayor Chang San-cheng and former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu. Mayor Chang San-cheng pledged to integrate various departments to support companies and investment in the region, reflecting the government’s commitment to fostering economic growth.

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The forum concluded with a unified vision for the future, emphasizing collaboration across sectors to navigate the challenges and opportunities in economic development. The insights shared at the “2023 JAKOTA Economic Trends Forum” indicate a bright future for Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, as they continue to navigate their unique economic paths amidst global challenges.

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