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JAKOTA Capital AG Brings New Investors and Management, Strengthens Presence in Taiwan R.O.C.

South Korea
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May 28, 2024, Zurich – New York – Today JAKOTA Capital AG, a part of the JAKOTA Group, announces its website launch along with further steps to strengthen its management and corporate finance business through a combination of strategic alliances and senior hires. Following the successful launch of the JAKOTA Semiconductor Actively Managed Certificate in partnership with Zurich-based and Swiss-regulated asset management firm Smartprofit Finder AG, JAKOTA Capital AG and Smartprofit Finder AG entered into a long-term collaboration agreement, effective as of June 1, 2024.

Ms. Katarzyna Lomnicka, CEO of Smartprofit Finder AG and former leader at UBS, Santander, and Credit Suisse, assumes the responsibility of Chairwoman of JAKOTA Capital AG Board as of the same date leveraging her extensive finance expertise to boost JAKOTA Group business.

Ms. Mei (Chén Duān Méi, 陳端梅), a seasoned asset management and trading professional, joins as Managing Director of JAKOTA Capital AG. She will be in charge for global sales and marketing of JAKOTA’s structured products.

Ms. Naomi Shann (Shann Shu Jiun, 單庶君), a financial industry professional with board roles in several listed companies in Taiwan R.O.C., joins JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc., a JAKOTA Group company, as Director and Chairwoman of the Index Committee, effective immediately.

Both Ms. Mei and Ms. Shann are based in Taipei, reflecting the growing importance of Taiwanese family offices and corporate investors as the buy side in the Jakota region (Japan, South Korea and Taiwan R.O.C.).

Ms. Ariane Gschwind, a corporate lawyer with BALEX Ltd., Attorneys and Notary, joins as the Swiss-based Director of JAKOTA Capital AG to focus on internal controls and compliance matters.

“With an amazing expanded leadership line-up, robust and growing proprietary deal flow, and slightly under $40 million in multiple profitable exits and investors’ bond redemptions year-to-date we are showing our investors that we can deploy the capital quickly, generating above-the-market level of return for our capital providers and distributing proceeds in a tax and time efficient matter”, commented Jimmy Zhu (Zhu Xi, 朱希), Managing Director of JAKOTA Capital AG.

About JAKOTA Group

JAKOTA Group is an international financial media, investment services, and advisory group of companies comprising three business units: JAKOTA Asset Management & Structured Products and JAKOTA Corporate Finance (both operated from Zurich and representative offices across the Jakota region by JAKOTA Capital AG), JAKOTA Indices & Media (operated from New York by JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc.).

About JAKOTA Capital AG

Swiss-based JAKOTA Capital AG is a primary investment vehicle of the JAKOTA Group. With approximately $370 million in capital managed through five different bond facilities and three separate structured products (ETFs and AMCs), the company is uniquely positioned to invest in and advise small and mid-cap listed companies operating in or/and originating from the Jakota region on capital raising, cross-border M&A, liquidity development programs, and succession planning, among other matters.

About JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc.

JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. is a New York-based financial media company and index provider that specializes in the Jakota markets, owns and operates, a platform which offers proprietary JAKOTA equity indices and in-house research for the global investment community as well as Investor Relations services aimed at public companies from the Jakota region seeking to enhance their capital markets presence. JAKOTA Index Portfolios licenses its various investable indices tracking the JAKOTA capital markets to investment firms worldwide.

For more information on any M&A, investment advisory, or capital raising services please reach out to:

Aleks Rubin in New York:

Katarzyna Lomnicka in Zurich:

Jimmy Zhu in Singapore:

Follow JAKOTA at the Asset Rush conference in Zurich on May 29.

For more information on the JAKOTA index licensing and structured products please contact Motoko Yorozu at

Im Grafenstein 30
8408, Winterthur

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