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JAKOTA Capital Advises on Strategic Partnership Between Star Plus Legend Holdings and Digital Domain Holdings

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New Venture Advised by JAKOTA Capital Aims to Expand the Global Reach and Business of Jay Chou, the “King of Mandopop”

June 6, 2024, Los Angeles – Hong KongJAKOTA Capital AG, a New York and Zurich based merchant banking and advisory firm, has advised Hong Kong and Shanghai-Connect listed Star Plus Legend Holdings Limited (“SPL”, 6683: HKG) and Hong Kong listed and Los Angeles based Digital Domain Holdings Limited (547: HKG) on the formation of a joint venture and strategic partnership (“Joint Venture”), announced by both firms today in a simultaneous filing at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SPL announcement, Digital Domain announcement).

Star Plus Legend Holdings, a Shanghai-based company with a market cap of HKD 9.5 billion (US$ 1.2 billion), is the primary commercial and monetization platform for superstars from the Greater China region, among others, Jay Chou, the highest grossing Chinese language pop artist of all times with a massive international following, widely known as the “King of Mandopop”.

Digital Domain Holdings, originally established by James Cameron, is a visual effects, AI and hyper realistic virtual humans house, remaining one of the most recognized digital art and technology firms in Hollywood to this date.

The primary objective of the Joint Venture is to develop and commercialize the largest AI-driven digital rights library for film and television. In addition, the Joint Venture will become the exclusive agent for SPL’s digital content production and AIGC in the globe, and SPL’s digital content distribution business in the globe outside of Greater China and the Middle East. The Joint Venture will also assist in digitizing both newly created and licensed IPs, as well as commercializing them globally.

The Joint Venture is set to provide its best-in-class technology and digital artistry to help to grow and monetize the global brand of Jay Chou and subsequently help Star Plus Legend Holdings extend its talent management and digital monetization services to other top artists from the booming East Asia’s entertainment industry.

The Joint Venture is a brainchild of JAKOTA Capital AG, an investment firm backed by several large European family offices and established to provide market intelligence and deal flow sourcing from Japan, Korea and Taiwan (JAKOTA), as well as to service the region’s companies with M&A and strategic advisory. JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc., a member of JAKOTA Group, has already licensed a few of its proprietary indices to various asset managers around the world, with the JAKOTA KPOP Index (USA-listed, ticker KPOP) being one of several structured products launched by JAKOTA Group to facilitate international investment flows into the JAKOTA region and its companies, specifically targeting the region’s booming music & entertainment industry.

“JAKOTA’s region cultural exports will continue to grow at accelerating speed as the world becomes increasingly more diverse, open minded and ready to embrace the vibrant Asian cultures in the same way it used to consume Hollywood or European Billboard hits,” commented Jimmy Zhu (Zhu Xi, 朱希), JAKOTA Capital’s Managing Director. “We are delighted to be able to help yet another iconic Asian artist to make a major step forward in building global market for his oeuvre”, added Mr. Zhu.

JAKOTA Capital and its Swiss strategic advisory partner firm, IndexAtlas AG, will remain active advisers to the Joint Venture going forward.

About Star Plus Legend Holdings Limited

Star Plus Legend Holdings Limited, an investment holding company, engages in retail and IP creation and operation business in the People’s Republic of China. It is involved in the retail of health management and skincare products. The company also engages in the media content creation and event planning activities. Star Plus Legend Holdings Limited was incorporated in 2020 and is based in Kunshan, China.

About Digital Domain Holdings Limited

Digital Domain Holdings Limited, an investment holding company, engages in the media entertainment and trading business in the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, and internationally. It operates in two segments, Media Entertainment and Trading.

About JAKOTA Group

JAKOTA Group is an international financial media, investment services, and advisory group of companies comprising three business units: JAKOTA Asset Management & Structured Products and JAKOTA Corporate Finance (both operated from Zurich and representative offices across the Jakota region by JAKOTA Capital AG), JAKOTA Indices & Media (operated from New York by JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc.).

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