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UMC Launches 22nm Embedded High-Voltage Technology for Advanced Mobile Displays

New 22eHV platform enhances power efficiency and reduces chip size for next-gen smartphones
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UMC today announced the launch of its 22nm embedded high-voltage (eHV) technology platform, a pioneering display driver chip (DDIC) solution aimed at propelling the development of high-end smartphones and mobile device displays. The new 22eHV platform boasts exceptional power efficiency and chip size reduction, allowing mobile device manufacturers to enhance battery life while delivering superior visual experiences.

Addressing the surging demand for AMOLED applications in smartphones, UMC has introduced the 22nm eHV platform, which significantly reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to the 28nm eHV process. This state-of-the-art DDIC solution features the industry’s smallest SRAM bits, reducing chip area while accelerating the processing speed and response time of high-resolution images.

Xu Shijie, Deputy General Manager of UMC Technology R&D, highlighted the advantages of the 22nm eHV solution: “The 22nm eHV platform enables customers to develop smaller, more efficient display driver chips, meeting the demands of the next-generation smartphone market. With the launch of the 22eHV platform, UMC reaffirms its world-class eHV technology capabilities and commitment to supporting customers with a comprehensive product line.” UMC is also expanding its eHV product portfolio to include FinFET processes to meet future display development trends.

UMC has a rich history in DDIC wafer technology development and manufacturing. It was the first wafer fab to mass-produce 28nm small-size panel DDIC, which drives AMOLED and OLED displays for smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, and virtual/augmented reality applications. UMC’s global market share in 28nm small-size panel DDIC exceeds 90%.

With the 22nm eHV platform, UMC continues to set industry benchmarks, providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance performance, efficiency, and user experience in the rapidly evolving mobile display market.



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