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TSMC’s SoIC Technology Poised for Adoption by Apple, Expected to Boost Production in 2025

Apple may join AMD in leveraging TSMC's advanced 3D silicon stacking technology, promising significant gains for partners
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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is reportedly set to see its advanced packaging platform, System on Integrated Chips (SoIC), adopted by Apple in 2025. This move, if confirmed, would position Apple alongside AMD as major users of TSMC’s cutting-edge 3D silicon stacking technology. Industry insiders are optimistic about the potential impact on TSMC and its key partners, including Xinxing, a leader in advanced packaging and carrier boards.

TSMC’s 3D Fabric system integration platform, which comprises the SoIC series, CoWoS, and InFo families, has been central to its advanced packaging strategy. The demand for CoWoS technology has recently surged, prompting TSMC to expand its production capacity in collaboration with packaging and testing facilities. In contrast, SoIC, which focuses on front-end packaging, began small-scale production in 2022 and is set for a substantial capacity increase by 2026 to meet growing customer demand.

The company’s comprehensive approach has attracted significant interest from leading tech firms. NVIDIA and Super Micro have ramped up their engagement with TSMC, targeting high-speed growth in AI applications for 2024. Taiwan’s robust supply chain is a key factor in this collaborative effort, fostering innovation and ensuring the smooth procurement and delivery of essential components.

AMD’s MI300 series exemplifies successful integration with TSMC’s 3D Fabric platform, combining 5nm graphics processors and CPUs with SoIC-X technology within the CoWoS package for high-speed computing. The potential involvement of Apple, particularly with its next-generation M series and possibly A-series processors, underscores the growing importance of TSMC’s advanced packaging solutions in driving technological advancements in mobile devices and AI computing.

As the industry speculates on Apple’s adoption of SoIC technology, the anticipated increase in production volume by 2025 highlights the strategic importance of TSMC’s innovations in maintaining its competitive edge and supporting its partners in the evolving semiconductor landscape.



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