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TDK Develops High-Density Solid-State Battery for Wearable Devices

New CeraCharge battery boasts 1,000 Wh/L energy density, targeting replacements for coin cell batteries
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TDK Corporation has announced the successful development of a groundbreaking material for its next-generation solid-state battery, CeraCharge. This new battery features an impressive energy density of 1,000 Wh/L, which is approximately 100 times greater than TDK’s existing solid-state batteries.

The new technology aims to revolutionize the power sources for various wearable devices, including wireless earphones, hearing aids, and smartwatches, by replacing conventional coin cell batteries. TDK’s proprietary material technology, leveraging oxide-based solid electrolytes and lithium alloy anodes, has enabled this significant advancement. The use of oxide-based solid electrolytes ensures the batteries are extremely safe, making them suitable for devices in direct contact with the human body.

In compliance with EU battery regulations mandating the replacement of primary batteries with rechargeable ones, TDK’s new solid-state battery promises to reduce environmental impact. This initiative aligns with broader efforts to enhance the sustainability of electronic devices.

TDK is focused on further developing the battery cells and package structures, aiming for mass production. The company plans to improve battery capacity through multi-layer lamination technology and extend the operating temperature range, utilizing its extensive experience in electronic component production.

Key applications for the CeraCharge battery include wearable devices, environmental sensors, and replacements for coin cell batteries. The main benefits of this innovation are its increased safety, smaller size, and higher capacitance, which contribute to longer device operating times and reduced sizes.

TDK’s development marks a significant milestone in battery technology, with potential widespread implications for the wearable technology market and environmental sustainability.



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