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TBS Holdings and Shochiku Forge Capital and Business Alliance in Anime Sector

Strategic Investment in Animation Collaboration to Drive Joint Development of Original Content and Venues
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TBS Holdings (TBSHD) and Shochiku, two giants in the Japanese media and entertainment industry, have announced a significant capital and business alliance, focusing on expanding their foothold in the burgeoning anime business. On January 25, 2024, the companies revealed their plans to each invest 3 billion yen to acquire stock in the other party, cementing a partnership primarily aimed at animation-related businesses.

This cross-shareholding initiative, a rarity among major media and entertainment companies, is set to be finalized by June 30, 2024. TBSHD’s equity interest in Shochiku will constitute 2.26% of the outstanding shares, while Shochiku’s stake in TBS will be 0.59%, based on the stock price as of December 29, 2023.

The scope of the alliance spans four key areas. Firstly, the joint development of TV animations, animated films, and live-action movies, followed by collaborative efforts to create and develop original intellectual properties and characters. The third focus area is the joint establishment and operation of an anime theater and a dedicated event hall business. Lastly, the partnership will explore deeper collaboration and new initiatives between Akasaka Entertainment City and the Higashi Ginza redevelopment project, leveraging stages and theaters for anime-related events.

Amidst the global and domestic expansion of the anime industry, TBSHD and Shochiku are positioning themselves to aggressively broaden their anime ventures. TBSHD has already made strides by making the animation production company Seven Arcs a subsidiary, while Shochiku has been active in anime production and theatrical distribution.

The anime planning and production landscape is increasingly competitive, favoring entities with comprehensive capabilities. The collaboration between TBS and Shochiku, leveraging their complementary strengths in broadcasting and theatrical performance, represents a strategic move to gain an edge in this competitive market.

The partnership’s emphasis on experiential consumption, such as live performances, aligns with current trends in the anime business, where such experiences are a major revenue source. The planned anime theater and event hall, along with the redevelopment initiatives at Akasaka Entertainment City and the Shochiku Togeki Building, signal an intention to actively engage in these lucrative areas.

Through this alliance, TBSHD and Shochiku are poised to create a dynamic synergy in the anime industry, combining their resources and expertise to develop new content, foster original IPs, and enhance the audience’s experience in the rapidly evolving world of anime entertainment.

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