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Taiwan’s Vanguard Plans Major Chip Plant in Singapore to Meet Surging Automotive Demand

Vanguard, a TSMC affiliate, is poised to invest at least $2 billion in its first 12-inch chip plant, targeting automotive chips amid global supply chain diversification efforts
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Taiwan’s Vanguard International Semiconductor, backed by TSMC, is considering a cutting-edge chip plant in Singapore, eyeing automotive chip demand. The move reflects increasing geopolitical pressure and national security concerns over semiconductors. VIS’s significant investment aims to bolster supply chain resilience. VIS Chairman Leuh Fang emphasized the demand for non-China mature chips. While VIS focuses on reliable, mature chips rather than cutting-edge technology, this expansion signifies a strategic step towards a more diversified semiconductor production landscape. The new plant in Singapore is poised to enhance the region’s role in global chip manufacturing.

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