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Taichung City Greenlights TSMC’s Expansion, Promising Economic Boost and Job Creation

Mayor Lu Shiow-yen confirms TSMC's plant expansion in Taichung, ensuring water and power supply amid growth
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The Taichung City Government officially approved the expansion of TSMC’s second phase plant today, a move announced by Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen approximating substantial economic and employment growth. The expansion, scheduled for completion in 2027, is estimated to create 4,500 new jobs, fulfilling not only local economic development needs, but also global demand for advanced semiconductor manufacturing capabilities. This follows a series of approvals by the Ministry of Interior and the Executive Yuan of the Government of the Republic of China, culminating in permission for construction today.

The expansion will include construction of four 12-inch wafer fabrication plants focusing on leading-edge processes below 2 nanometers, and is estimated to increase the local economy by 1.2 trillion yuan in annual output value. Turning to a concern regarding resource allocation, Mayor Lu Xiuyan anticipated questions and advised that arrangements are in place. Taichung City, he said, has completed negotiations with Taiwan Water and Taipower to ensure an unimpeded supply of water and power the city’s residents, assuaging fears related to water shortages in April at TSMC’s Kumamoto, Japan production facility over financial struggles of the local supplier with the local government.

This strategic development underscores Taichung’s perception of the expansion as playing a pivotal role in not only stabilizing the local economy but moving the semiconductor technology supplier and subsidy manufacturer toward the center of an obligation to support a global presence on behalf of Taiwan that is rapidly crystallizing as a cultural imperative, as well as a political and economic one.

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