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South Korean Busan Lost its Bid, Riyadh Secures 2030 World Expo Host Status

Despite Riyadh winning the bid, Korean business groups view Expo bid as an opportunity for global outreach and market exploration
South Korea
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Following Riyadh’s selection as the host for the 2030 World Expo, Korean business groups expressed a mix of disappointment and acknowledgment of the bid’s significance during the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) general meeting in Paris. While the aspiration to host the Expo in Busan did not materialize, Korean business leaders emphasized the value of the bid process as a means of gaining market information and exploring business opportunities through engagements with global officials.

The Korea Employers Federation highlighted the collective effort of the government and businesses in the bid for Busan, recognizing it as an opportunity to showcase Korea’s economic and cultural development on the world stage. The Korea Economic Association emphasized the bid’s role in fostering unity among the government, business community, and the people.

The business community engaged actively in the bid process for the Busan Expo over the past 18 months. Despite the ultimate outcome, this period served as an occasion for Korean companies to reevaluate their global standing and identify new markets. The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry noted that companies sought to enhance global awareness, diversify supply chains, and secure new business opportunities, achieving tangible results. The experience is seen as a stepping stone for Korea to transition from being an Asian leader to a global powerhouse. The efforts expended during the Expo bid are considered valuable for future endeavors and positioning Korea on the global stage.

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