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Sony’s PlayStation 5 Cloud Streaming Service Expands for PlayStation Plus Premium Subscribers

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is set to launch its PlayStation 5 cloud streaming service in Japan, exclusively for "PlayStation Plus Premium" subscribers.
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This new feature will allow subscribers to stream eligible PS5 titles from the “Game Catalog” and “Game Trial” of PlayStation Plus, as well as titles purchased from the PlayStation Store.

The cloud streaming service will be accessible to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers in various countries and regions including Japan, Europe, and North America. The rollout schedule is as follows (local time):

  • Japan: Starting October 17th
  • Europe: Starting October 23rd
  • North America: Starting October 30th

Users with a game hub for the target game or those who have the game already in their PS5 library can access it by selecting “Streaming” from the game library.

The supported platforms for cloud streaming under “PlayStation Plus Premium” include:

  • Original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP “PlayStation Portable” titles from the “Classics Catalog”
  • PlayStation 4 and PS5 titles from the “Game Catalog”
  • PS5 titles from the “Game Trial”
  • Digital versions of titles for PS5 (purchased or obtained through the PS Store and added to the game library)

For PS5 title streaming, users have the flexibility to choose from various resolution options at 60fps, with support for SDR and HDR.

Additionally, DLC and additional content for compatible PS5 titles can be purchased and utilized during streaming, providing an immediate and seamless experience after acquisition through the PS Store.

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