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Sony Group Emphasizes Creative Shift and Entertainment Focus at Management Policy Briefing

Plans for Anime Expansion, New Production Software, and Global Talent Development Unveiled
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On May 23, 2024, Sony Group held a management policy briefing session in Tokyo, where Chairman and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, along with President and COO Hiroki Totoki, outlined the company’s strategic direction and long-term vision. The briefing emphasized Sony’s “creation shift” across content, products & services, and semiconductors, aiming to “fill the world with emotion through creativity and technology.”

Yoshida highlighted Sony’s focus on “real-time creation” using CMOS image sensors and game engines, reinforcing the company’s commitment to enhancing creativity through technology. Totoki introduced the “Creative Entertainment Vision,” a long-term strategy aimed at maximizing IP value and establishing robust technological foundations to support diverse business growth and human resource development.

Key initiatives discussed include:

Entertainment Focus:

  • Anime: Sony’s subsidiaries Aniplex and Crunchyroll will spearhead the production and global distribution of high-quality anime. The development of “AnimeCanvas,” a new animation production software, aims to improve production efficiency and quality. Plans also include establishing an academy to train international anime creators.
  • Games: Sony will leverage IP from games like “Horizon” and “God of War” for live-action adaptations and utilize Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to enhance game and visual production. The company is also supporting game developers in India, resulting in the development of five new titles.
  • Movies and Music: Collaborations with Epic Games will focus on virtual production technologies. Unique projects like “YOASOBI,” which turns novels into music, and documentaries chronicling the history of The Beatles are examples of Sony’s innovative approach to IP creation.

Group Synergies and Financial Strategies:

  • The restructuring of Sony’s entertainment businesses, which now contribute approximately 60% of group sales, has accelerated synergies. Sony’s financial business, preparing for a partial spin-off, will continue to evolve independently while leveraging the Sony brand.

Real-Time Technology and Innovation:

  • Sony’s advancements in CMOS image sensors and real-time 3D processing technology, particularly through investments in Epic Games, will support a variety of creative processes. This includes real-time CG film production and enhanced photo transmission technologies for sports and film industries.

Long-Term Vision and IP Maximization:

  • Sony’s “Creative Entertainment Vision” aims to transcend physical, virtual, and temporal boundaries, fostering global creative collaboration and delivering immersive, story-driven experiences. This vision includes expanding game IP into location-based entertainment and producing biographical films about influential music artists.

Enhancing Diversity and Talent:

  • Sony continues to attract diverse talent through M&A activities, increasing the proportion of foreign executives and women in managerial positions. This diversity drives innovation and long-term growth across Sony’s global operations.

By focusing on these strategic areas, Sony aims to sustain its leadership in the entertainment industry, driving technological innovation and creating high-quality, emotionally impactful content for a global audience.

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