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SK Telecom Leads Breakthrough in 6G Network Development with AI Technology

In collaboration with global tech giants, SK Telecom showcases AI-driven air interface technology, promising enhanced network performance and energy efficiency
South Korea
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SK Telecom Co., South Korea’s top wireless carrier, has made major headway in the development of 6G network technology by demonstrating the positive effects that artificial intelligence (AI) has on network performance and energy efficiency. The company announced that it has joined forces with NTT Docomo Inc., NTT Corp. and Nokia to develop an AI-native “air interface” (AI-AI) – a first for 6G networks. The game-changing tech will replace the “non-intelligence” air interfaces of today to transform the telco industry as a whole.

AI-AI is an integral part of next-generation 6G networks that use machine learning to enable radio systems to autonomously optimize spectrum usage by learning from their environment. This will make average mobile transmission speeds over 10% faster, on top of significantly improving the performance and energy efficiency of networks generally.

The collaboration between these telecommunications powerhouses will be shown off at the Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, where they’ll demonstrate 6G AI-AI technology in action. This is a continuation of the strategic alliance forged by SK Telecom and NTT Docomo in 2022 to lead the development of 6G networking technologies and standardize them globally.

As the telco industry moves toward the 6G era, SK Telecom and its partners will continue to research and develop AI-applied mobile network technology. “This test is meaningful as technology leaders in Korea, Japan, Europe, and the US are coming together to make advancements in core 6G technology,” said Yu Takki, Vice President and Head of Infra Tech at SK Telecom. The company’s commitment to AI-infused network infrastructure sets SK Telecom paths towards the day when 6G networks will become the most efficient, most connected around the globe.

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