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Samsung Enters the Generative AI Race with Samsung Gauss Model

Samsung introduces its generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, capable of tasks like email writing, report summarization, and image creation. In a move to compete with global tech giants, Samsung plans to incorporate Gauss into its devices from 2024
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Samsung Electronics has unveiled its generative artificial intelligence model, Samsung Gauss, joining the international race to advance this potentially transformative technology.

Samsung Gauss, the newly introduced model, is designed to perform various tasks, including writing emails in both Korean and English, summarizing reports, translating documents through machine learning technology, and generating images in the form of photos and paintings.

Daehyun Kim, Executive Vice President of the Samsung Research Global AI Center, stated, “We are committed to providing ongoing support and collaboration with the industry and academia in generative AI research.”

This announcement comes amidst a surge in global tech companies’ efforts to introduce generative AI models, anticipated to impact how individuals work, engage in leisure activities, and consume content. OpenAI, a pioneer in this domain, leads the sector with its ChatGPT models, supported by Microsoft. In March, Google also unveiled its own generative AI model, Bard.

Samsung plans to integrate Gauss into its smartphones and other devices starting next year, positioning itself against Apple in the highly competitive global smartphone market. In the third quarter, Samsung claimed a dominant market share of 20%, with Apple following at 16%, as reported by Counterpoint Research.

Daniel Araujo, Vice President of Samsung’s mobile experience division, which encompasses smartphones, outlined the company’s vision, stating, “Commencing in 2024, we aim to deliver meaningful and innovative experiences tailored to our users’ most critical functions, based on their unique usage patterns and preferences,” during the company’s recent earnings conference call.

Despite the widespread excitement about AI technology, countries worldwide are engaged in discussions regarding its regulation. A consortium of over 25 nations, including the U.S., U.K., Japan, and South Korea, recently united to collaborate on addressing the risks associated with AI at the AI Safety Summit hosted by the U.K. The participating nations jointly expressed concerns about the potential for significant, and even catastrophic, harm—whether deliberate or inadvertent—stemming from the most profound capabilities of these AI models.

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