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Samsung Biologics Partners with LegoChem Biosciences to Advance ADC Therapies

The collaboration aims to develop critical antibody components for next-generation cancer treatments, reinforcing Samsung Biologics' ADC CDMO capabilities
South Korea
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Samsung Biologics, a global leader in bio contract development and manufacturing, has entered into an agreement with South Korean biotech firm LegoChem Biosciences Inc. to provide contract development organization (CDO) services for the advancement of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) therapies. Under this partnership, Samsung Biologics will collaborate with LegoChem Biosciences to develop the essential antibody components for ADC therapies, a cutting-edge approach in cancer treatment. The collaboration will see Samsung Biologics offering its expertise in developing cell lines and producing clinical materials for ADC therapies, although the financial terms of the contract remain undisclosed.

This strategic partnership is set to bolster Samsung Biologics’ foray into the ADC contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) market. In line with its ambitions, Samsung Biologics had previously announced plans to complete an ADC factory by 2024 within its bio campus in the free economic zone of Songdo, Incheon. This move is part of the company’s broader strategy to diversify its business and enhance its competitiveness in the burgeoning ADC sector, recognized for its potential as the next-generation biotechnology in cancer treatment.

Samsung Biologics, alongside its affiliates, has been actively investing in biotech companies with innovative ADC technologies through the Samsung Life Science Fund. This partnership with LegoChem Biosciences, known for its superior linker technology crucial for ADC development, underscores Samsung Biologics’ commitment to expanding its footprint in the ADC therapy market. The collaboration also aims to ensure a stable supply of antibodies for LegoChem Biosciences’ ADC therapies, marking a significant shift from the company’s previous reliance on overseas suppliers.

The global ADC therapy market is expected to witness substantial growth, with forecasts predicting an expansion from $7.7 billion in 2023 to $38.7 billion by 2029. ADC therapies, which combine antibodies, payloads, and linkers to target and destroy cancer cells precisely, have demonstrated promising clinical efficacy against various cancers. This partnership between Samsung Biologics and LegoChem Biosciences not only aims to accelerate the development of effective cancer treatments but also strengthens Korea’s position in the global biopharmaceutical landscape.

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