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Nintendo Collaborates on Live-Action Legend of Zelda Film, Backed by Avi Arad and Sony Pictures

Nintendo teams up with Arad Productions and Sony for a live-action Legend of Zelda movie production.
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Nintendo, in partnership with Arad Productions and Sony Pictures, is embarking on the development of a live-action film based on the popular game franchise, The Legend of Zelda. This move follows Nintendo’s strategy of expanding its intellectual properties beyond gaming consoles. Shigeru Miyamoto and Avi Arad, industry veterans, are set to produce, with Wes Ball, known for “The Maze Runner,” directing the project. Nintendo is taking a substantial financial stake in the film’s production, reinforcing its commitment to the project. Sony Pictures will handle global distribution and co-financing, aiming to bring the beloved gaming universe to a wider audience. This endeavor follows the recent release of the “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” signaling Nintendo’s dedication to bringing its iconic characters to the silver screen.

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