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Netmarble’s “Solo Leveling: Arise” Hits $70 Million in Sales Within a Month of Launch

Action RPG based on popular webtoon sees massive global success with over 15 million downloads
South Korea
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South Korean game developer Netmarble Corp. is celebrating the impressive success of its latest action role-playing game (RPG), “Solo Leveling: Arise.” Since its launch on May 8, 2024, the game has generated an estimated $70 million in sales, driven by the widespread popularity of its original story from a globally renowned webtoon and digital novel.

“Solo Leveling: Arise,” developed by Netmarble’s subsidiary NetmarbleNeo, is based on the digital novel and online comic “Solo Leveling,” which boasts 14.3 billion views worldwide. The game has captured the attention of millions, logging over 15 million downloads within the first five days of its release. It quickly climbed to the top of the free game charts on both Google Play and the App Store in Korea, leading in both sales and downloads, according to data from mobile research firm Sensor Tower.

Sensor Tower’s analysis revealed that from May 8 to June 10, 39.4% of the game’s sales came from Korea, followed by the US with 16.9%, Japan with 15.6%, Taiwan with 4.8%, and France with 3.6%. The game’s success is largely attributed to the gamification of digital comics intellectual property (IP), which has resonated strongly with fans of the “Solo Leveling” webtoon.

The term “webtoon” frequently appeared in app reviews, highlighting the game’s appeal to digital comics enthusiasts, Sensor Tower reported. The core gamer demographic, known for its broader range of interests, constituted a significant portion of the game’s player base, alongside cartoon and animation enthusiasts.

NetmarbleNeo, known for its previous hit “Lineage 2: Revolution,” has once again demonstrated its prowess in creating engaging and successful RPGs. The rapid growth and popularity of “Solo Leveling: Arise” underscore the effective combination of compelling storylines from digital comics and immersive gameplay experiences.

As “Solo Leveling: Arise” continues to gain traction, Netmarble is poised to maintain its momentum in the global gaming market, leveraging the strong fan base and popularity of the “Solo Leveling” IP.

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