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Mizuho Securities Partners with Royalty Bank and Questree to Launch Anime Content Fund

New fund aims to bolster anime production through fintech and digital technology integration
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Mizuho Securities is set to launch a new content fund in collaboration with rights management firm Royalty Bank and financial blockchain company Questree. This initiative seeks to raise funds for the production of animated films, addressing the financial challenges faced by the rapidly growing anime industry. The fund will attract investments from institutional investors outside the anime sector, aiming to create a sustainable ecosystem for long-term investment in anime production.

The venture will leverage fintech and digital technology to enhance the incentives for those involved in animation production. Mizuho Securities plans to implement structured finance techniques, utilizing third-party funds to revitalize the content industry and attract new investors. The collaboration also envisions the diversification of payment currencies and the use of advanced digital solutions to streamline fundraising processes.

Questree, founded in 2022 by former investment securities executive Tomonobu Ibe, has established a track record in financial blockchain technology to create innovative fundraising frameworks. Royalty Bank, established in 2021, specializes in NFTs, music, and manga rights trading platforms, and intellectual property-based fundraising.

Despite the announcement, details about the fund’s structure, duration, and scale remain unclear. The companies have yet to disclose how they plan to select and fund anime projects, which raises questions about their strategy and criteria for investment. The initiative aims to overcome the historical challenges faced by content funds, including high risk and operational costs, by integrating fintech solutions to ensure profitability and investor confidence.

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