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Mitsubishi Electric Forges Historic Defense Pact with Australia

Mitsubishi Electric partners with Australian Defense for laser tech development, marking Japan's first defense contract with a foreign government
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Mitsubishi Electric collaborates with Australian Defence Department, marking the first direct defense contract between a Japanese company and a foreign government. This joint effort aims to advance surveillance capabilities for fighter jets and vehicles, leveraging cutting-edge laser technology.

The collaboration signifies a potential shift in Japanese defense manufacturing, traditionally intermediated by Japan’s Defense Ministry. The agreement comes amid challenges in Japan’s domestic defense sector. Mitsubishi Electric, a longstanding player in defense technology, specializing in lasers and guided missiles since the 1960s, aligns with Japan’s expanding defense budget, indicating a surge in defense-related ventures. The Defense Ministry commends the move, highlighting its significance for defense and technology cooperation between Japan and Australia. This endeavor could pave the way for more direct contracts between Japanese firms and foreign governments, potentially reinvigorating the industry.

Tokyo is also considering implementing a security clearance system, following the lead of other G7 nations. Meanwhile, Australia seeks to enhance its defense capabilities, particularly in light of regional dynamics involving China. A Reciprocal Access Agreement between Japan and Australia aims to facilitate joint military activities, marking a step forward in bilateral defense cooperation. This development underscores the growing strategic partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region.

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