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Mitsubishi Electric and Denso to Acquire 25% Stake in Coherent’s SiC Business for $1 Billion

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Mitsubishi Electric and auto parts supplier Denso are set to jointly invest $1 billion for a 25% stake in Coherent’s silicon carbide (SiC) business. This strategic move aims to ensure a stable supply of this critical semiconductor material, known for its high-performance capabilities in power semiconductors. SiC has the capacity to handle higher voltages and currents compared to conventional silicon, reducing power loss.

The compound is instrumental in enhancing the range of electric vehicles and is witnessing increased demand from data center applications. Mitsubishi Electric plans a substantial increase in its SiC production capacity, anticipating rising market needs. The global SiC power semiconductor devices market is predicted to exceed $6.45 billion by 2030, a more than fourfold increase from 2022 estimates.

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