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Leadership Changes at Samsung Electronics Marked by Key Departure and Strategic Appointments

Samsung Electronics undergoes organizational reshuffle, with the retirement of Lee Won-jin, and strategic appointments in key divisions
South Korea
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Samsung Electronics has officially announced a significant organizational reorganization and personnel changes, featuring the retirement of Lee Won-jin, the former Google executive instrumental in developing Samsung’s TV and smartphone platforms and services. The reorganization includes key appointments in the Visual Display (VD) and Mobile Experience (MX) divisions.

Vice President Kim Yong-soo, with a background at Oracle and Google, takes charge of platform and services in the Visual Display Division responsible for TVs. Meanwhile, Vice President Han Sang-sook, an internal talent, assumes responsibility for the MX Division, overseeing smartphones. Notable changes among the president- and vice-president-level “general managers” in key regions, such as Korea and the Middle East, have also been implemented.

President Wonjin Lee, a former vice president of Google, contributed significantly to Samsung’s service business, aligning devices like TVs and smartphones as platforms for advertisements and apps, generating substantial annual service sales for Samsung. His role will be divided into two positions, with Vice President Kim Yong-su leading the VD division’s service business, and Vice President Han Sang-sook overseeing the MX division’s service business.

The strategic hire of Vice President Kim Yong-su, an expert in service and software business from Oracle and Google, is expected to enhance Samsung’s service and platform business, positioning it competitively against industry giants. The organizational changes also aim to address the weak perception of Samsung’s service and platform business compared to major tech players.

In addition to these changes, the retirement of President Lee signifies a shift in leadership at Samsung Electronics. The company’s global strategy meeting is anticipated next week, where executives will discuss industry conditions, growth plans, and business strategies. The meeting will be presided over by Han Jong-hee, head of the DX division, and Kyeong-hyeon DS, head of the DS division, focusing on strengthening product competitiveness and advancing technology in their respective domains.

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