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KADOKAWA Secures Comprehensive Licensing Deals with Nintendo and Capcom for Game Copyrights

KADOKAWA's MCN, CSP, announces licensing pacts with Nintendo and Capcom, allowing creators revenue and content freedom
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KADOKAWA Corporation has formally disclosed the finalization of expansive licensing agreements with prominent gaming entities, Nintendo and Capcom, effective from December 1st. These agreements empower creators under the Managed Channel Network (MCN) known as “CSP” to utilize copyrighted materials from Nintendo and Capcom in the production and monetization of content on platforms like YouTube.

CSP, KADOKAWA’s MCN framework, functions as a system where the company leverages MCN operator capabilities to establish an autonomous secondary usage management and revenue distribution system. This facilitates creators in incorporating various copyrighted works, including games, anime, comics, and music, into their content. By engaging with copyrighted works, creators not only assume the role of content producers but also become rights holders, offering opportunities for income and public relations. The service, set to launch in March 2022, extends beyond revenue distribution, encompassing support functions such as the latest YouTube updates, collaboration with other KADOKAWA Group businesses, and participation in corporate tie-up initiatives.

Already implemented for select copyrighted works, including KADOKAWA’s YouTube animations and content from creators, CSP aims to foster a “chain of creation” across diverse social media platforms, even those rigorously managing copyrighted materials. As a YouTube MCN, CSP is poised to offer comprehensive services enhancing creators’ creative pursuits and collaboration opportunities within the KADOKAWA Group.

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