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Global Semiconductor Equipment Sales Drop 11% in Q3 2023; China Surpasses 40% Global Market Share

Q3 2023 witnesses a significant 11% global decline in semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales, with Taiwan experiencing a 50% reduction, while China crosses the historic 40% global market share threshold
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In Q3 2023, the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry faced its most substantial global sales decline in four years, marking a consecutive quarter of contraction, reports the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ) in collaboration with the International Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI). Global chip equipment sales dropped by 11% to USD 25.6 billion compared to the same period last year. Taiwan’s market saw a sharp decline of nearly 50%, with sales dwindling to USD 3.77 billion, the highest contraction among the top 6 markets. In contrast, the Chinese market achieved a historic milestone, experiencing a remarkable 42% surge to reach USD 11.06 billion, surpassing the 40% global sales share for the first time. This cements China’s position as the world’s largest semiconductor equipment market for the second consecutive quarter. Other regional variations include a 29% drop in Japan, a 5% decrease in North America, a 2% growth in Europe, and a 19% decrease in South Korea. SEAJ emphasizes that global chip equipment sales decreased by 1% compared to the previous quarter, with notable fluctuations in regional performances.

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