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Fubon Financial Holding Approves NT$3 Dividend, Sets Key Dates for Distribution

Fubon Financial Plans NT$75 Billion Bond Issuance to Strengthen Capital Adequacy
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Fubon’s latest shareholder meeting approved a total dividend distribution of NT$3 per common share, including a cash dividend of NT$2.5 and a stock dividend of NT$0.5. Key dates have been set with July 19 as the ex-dividend trading day for cash dividends and August 21 as the payment date.

In 2023, Fubon’s cash dividends include NT$2.5 per ordinary share, approximately NT$2.66 for Class A special shares, NT$2.16 for Class B and C special shares, with payments expected on August 21. Additionally, a by-election of independent directors was approved, pending regulatory approvals before finalizing the stock dividend distribution.

Fubon Financial Holding reported a net profit of NT$66.017 billion in 2023, translating to an EPS of NT$4.8. This marks 15 consecutive years of leading the financial holding industry in EPS. The company plans a total dividend distribution rate of 62.5%, considering the overall profits and surpluses from subsidiaries.

Simultaneously, Fubon Financial’s subsidiary, Fubon Life, announced plans to issue NT$50 billion in cumulative secondary corporate bonds with maturities exceeding 10 years, aiming to bolster working capital, financial structure, and capital adequacy. This issuance forms part of a larger NT$75 billion bond issuance strategy for 2024, making it the largest life insurance bond issuance this year. The first half of the year saw successful issuance of NT$25 billion subprime bonds, with interest rates of 3.7% for 10-year and 3.85% for 15-year bonds.

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