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Foxconn and NXP Semiconductors Collaborate on Next-Gen Smart Vehicle Platforms

Joint Laboratory Launched to Foster Innovative Automotive Technologies and Smart Connectivity Solutions
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Foxconn has announced a significant advancement in smart vehicle technology through a collaboration with NXP Semiconductors (NXP). This partnership, formalized by a memorandum signed last July, has culminated in the establishment of a joint laboratory at Hon Hai’s Taoyuan Nankan Factory. The lab, now equipped with the first phase of instruments, will focus on developing electric vehicle software platforms using NXP’s S32 series products.

Wu Guoxi, Foxconn’s Director of Automotive Technology, expressed optimism about the laboratory’s potential impact. This initiative aligns with Foxconn’s strategy to address the disruptive challenges in the automotive sector, particularly in electrification and innovation. NXP’s extensive experience and leadership in automotive technology, coupled with its commitment to safety and quality, make it an ideal partner for this venture.

Over 200 engineers are expected to engage in this collaborative effort. The joint laboratory aims to integrate NXP’s S32 microprocessors (MPU) and microcontrollers (MCU) with Foxconn’s Electronics and Electrical Architecture Platform (E/EA). The focus will be on developing smart gateways, cockpits, and driving assistance products, leveraging innovative technologies like gigabit and multi-giga based Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Ethernet.

This collaboration is a testament to Foxconn’s dedication to automotive electronics and its pursuit of creating more intelligent and connected vehicles. NXP’s role extends beyond providing software and hardware technologies; it will also integrate electronic and networking resources from third-party ecological partners, fostering a comprehensive ecosystem for advanced vehicle technology. This joint effort promises to drive continual innovation and progress in the realm of smart networked vehicle technology.

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