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Financial Firm Ecopro Investigates Ex-Chairman’s Suspicious Stock Activity

Ecopro probes former Chairman Lee Dong-chae for alleged stock manipulation and unauthorized transactions; Police investigation underway
South Korea
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Ecopro, on the 23rd, called upon police to investigate potential misconduct by former Chairman Lee Dong-chae. The company suspects hacking and unauthorized stock sales. In response, Ecopro announced the divestment of Lee, a closely linked individual, adhering to Capital Markets Act disclosure rules. Lee’s trading securities firm reported the sale of 2,995 EcoPro shares. After verification, it was established that Lee did not initiate the sale voluntarily. As a precaution, the company froze all of his accounts. Ecopro clarified that this incident involved a third-party theft of reporter Lee Dong-chae’s personal information and subsequent unauthorized stock transactions. A police inquiry is underway. Further updates will follow pending investigation outcomes and discussions with pertinent departments.

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