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Fanuc Expands European Footprint with New Spanish Hub

Quadrupling its facility near Barcelona, Fanuc aims to cater to rising automation demand across Europe, including training and product showcases
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Fanuc, a leading Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots, has significantly increased its presence in the European market by quadrupling the size of its sales hub in Spain. The new facility, located near Barcelona, spans approximately 9,200 square meters and includes a showroom, office spaces, and a warehouse. This expansion is designed to showcase Fanuc’s diverse range of products and offer comprehensive training courses for customers, reflecting the company’s commitment to not only serve but also educate its market.

This strategic move is in response to the growing demand for automation technologies across various industries, including automotive and food production. The Barcelona hub is set to serve not just Spain, but also Portugal, Andorra, and Morocco, highlighting Fanuc’s ambition to strengthen its market position across the European continent and beyond.

Europe represented 17.2% of Fanuc’s sales in fiscal 2022, showcasing its importance in the company’s global strategy. Despite facing stiff competition, Fanuc is dedicated to enhancing its sales and maintenance services within the region. The company’s expansion efforts include the development or enlargement of 10 facilities across Europe, with Germany and Italy already benefiting from these investments, and ongoing scale-ups in Turkey and Poland.

Through these initiatives, Fanuc aims to solidify its standing as a key player in the automation industry, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its European clientele.

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