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Ennoconn and Sharp Forge Strategic Alliance to Penetrate Asia-Pacific Markets

Collaboration targets smart retail, new energy, and AIoT sectors with advanced integrated solutions
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Ennoconn, a leading industrial computer manufacturer under the Hon Hai Group, has signed a strategic cooperation memorandum (MOU) with Japanese electronics giant Sharp on the 17th. This alliance aims to develop overseas markets by integrating their product technology, brand channels, regional sales services, and customer resources, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region including Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The partnership will create new business models and target IT/OT services, ESG, and AIoT opportunities in smart retail, new energy, and smart buildings.

Ennoconn, which has a comprehensive AI technology platform, has been developing industry services since 2021 using its ESaaS platform. This platform integrates computing, terminals, perception, and IoT with software and hardware, in collaboration with leading AI chip manufacturers. Ennoconn’s strategy revolves around “standardization, modularization, and platformization,” combined with hybrid cloud and high-intensity information security, to provide subscription-based AI solutions. These solutions focus on digital transformation, energy efficiency, information security, AI, and ESG.

According to a Grand View Research report, the global smart retail technology market, valued at $30.25 billion in 2022, is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.1% from 2023 to 2030. Ennoconn and Sharp will prioritize the smart retail market, offering integrated technologies such as POS systems, smart labels, digital twins, digital advertising, and food safety monitoring to enhance consumer shopping experiences.

Cai Nengji, General Manager of Ennoconn, emphasized that the collaboration aims to address challenges faced by brand owners, such as short product life cycles and rapid changes in consumer demand. By leveraging Ennoconn’s technological capabilities and Sharp’s international brand presence, the partnership aims to reduce costs, minimize risks, and accelerate market entry.

Tetsuji Kawamura, General Manager of Sharp Business Solutions, expressed enthusiasm for the strategic cooperation, highlighting the combined strengths of both companies in promoting integrated smart solutions and technological innovation to meet global consumer and enterprise demands.

Ennoconn and Sharp are optimistic about the future of the Asia-Pacific smart retail, new energy, and AIoT markets. They plan to provide advanced smart retail solutions that integrate digital transformation, data analysis, artificial intelligence, precision marketing, and ESG technology. This collaboration will enhance in-store experiences with technologies like network cameras equipped with computer vision for threat detection and item identification, cashierless checkout, personalized recommendations, and real-time inventory management. The use of AI for sales trend prediction and customer preference analysis will further support retailers in optimizing inventory, marketing strategies, and product launches, transforming traditional retail into a more efficient and personalized industry.



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