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Delta Modifies Electric Vehicle Business Forecast Amid Market Headwinds

Despite inflation and market challenges, Delta remains optimistic about the EV sector, adjusting growth expectations to a realistic 20-30%
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Delta Electronics has revised its growth expectations for its electric vehicle (EV) segment, now projecting a 20-30% increase, a notable adjustment from the 50% growth experienced last year. Chairman Hai Yingjun remains optimistic, asserting that the fundamental growth trend in the EV market persists, despite the current economic and market challenges. The recalibration reflects broader industry trends, where EV market growth is adapting to economic pressures and consumer hesitations, with affordability and improved infrastructure being pivotal for broader adoption.

Delta is adapting its strategies to align with the changing demand and inventory levels in the EV sector, demonstrating flexibility in its production lines to cater to diverse models, maintaining profitability, and seizing growth opportunities in the shifting market. The company also continues to see growth in the AI server power supply segment, expected to bolster its overall performance.

Despite these challenges, Delta’s diverse operations, including its ventures in industrial and building automation, show promise. The company is positioned to navigate the complex market landscape, focusing on innovation, efficiency improvements, and new industrial automation projects to ensure sustained growth and market relevance amid evolving technological and economic conditions.

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