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Comparative Study: Anime Consumption Patterns Amongst Youth in Japan, the US, and South Korea

Recent survey reveals varying rates of monthly anime viewership in the 20s and 30s demographic, highlighting regional trends.
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In a preliminary survey conducted by MMD Research Institute, data from Japan, the US, and South Korea unveiled monthly anime consumption percentages. In Japan, it stands at 60.4%, while the US sees 72.7%, and South Korea at 58.0%. Notably, South Korea records the highest rate at 86.8% among those surveyed who watch anime at least once every six months.

When it comes to spending on anime, Japan and South Korea predominantly fall into the “0 yen” and “1 to 1,000 yen” categories, while in the US, the range shifts to “1,001 to 3,000 yen” and “3,001 to 5,000 yen”. Noteworthy behaviors include content recommendations and goods purchases in the US, and content recommendations along with music investigation in South Korea.

YouTube and video streaming services emerge as primary sources of information about Japanese manga and anime in both the US and South Korea. Additionally, the preference for viewing content is heavily skewed towards “Anime (video)” across all three countries, indicating a strong affinity for animated formats.

The survey encompassed responses from individuals aged 20 to 39, providing valuable insights into anime consumption patterns across these nations.

See the report abstract and download the data from MMD Institute.

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