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Chunghwa Telecom and Fujitsu Forge Strategic Partnership to Pioneer All-Optical Network Technology in Taiwan

collaboration aims to revolutionize Taiwan's telecom landscape with high-capacity, eco-friendly networks
South Korea
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Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s premier telecommunications company, has joined forces with Fujitsu Corporation, embarking on a two-year strategic endeavor to spearhead the development of all-optical network (APN) technology in Taiwan. This initiative, anchored by a memorandum of cooperation signed on January 31, is set to harness the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) technology, marking a significant leap towards crafting a sustainable and innovative telecommunications infrastructure.

This partnership is poised to employ IOWN’s cutting-edge all-optical network technology, aiming to establish a network paradigm characterized by high capacity, minimal latency, and reduced power consumption. Such advancements are anticipated to lay the groundwork for a sustainable society and environment by facilitating the emergence of novel and eco-conscious technological solutions.

Chunghwa Telecom, having aligned with Fujitsu and the IOWN Global Forum since March 2020, is dedicated to achieving a network environment that embodies efficiency and sustainability. Fujitsu’s role will be pivotal in aiding Chunghwa Telecom to set up an IOWN all-optical network technology verification environment within Taiwan. This collaboration is expected to expedite the application and commercialization of this technology across Taiwan’s commercial networks, leveraging Fujitsu’s extensive experience and achievements in Japan to tailor a construction plan that aligns with Taiwan’s unique telecommunications landscape.

Huang Zhixiong, Chunghwa Telecom’s executive deputy general manager and chief technology officer, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the company’s commitment to developing open all-optical networks. This initiative is aimed at enhancing optical communication quality for emerging technologies like B5G/6G, AI, and cloud computing, ultimately facilitating a more connected and convenient society.

Vivek Mahajan, Fujitsu’s Chief Technology Officer, shared his optimism about the collaborative efforts, emphasizing Fujitsu’s contribution towards improving network environments, addressing societal challenges, and mitigating the environmental impact of network operations. This partnership represents a pivotal moment for Taiwan’s telecommunications sector, promising to deliver groundbreaking advancements that will redefine the future of connectivity in the region.

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