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ADATA Triumphs with Record Gross Profit and Surging Annual Earnings

Robust performance in 2023 sets ADATA on a bullish trajectory, fueled by strategic market maneuvers and high-margin product expansions
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ADATA’s Board of Directors has officially ratified its stellar financial performance for 2023, revealing a year of significant profitability and operational success. The memory module manufacturer reported an unprecedented tripling of its annual profit margin, with a record-setting average gross profit margin of 16.8%. The operating profit impressively surged to 1.775 billion yuan, marking a 150% increase from the previous year, while the net profit attributable to the parent company escalated by 70% to reach 1.409 billion yuan, culminating in an earnings per share (EPS) of 5.21 yuan.

Chairman Chen Libai’s strategic foresight into the memory market’s dynamics is a key factor behind ADATA’s optimistic outlook. The firm anticipates a continued rise in gross margins and overall performance, particularly with the second half of the year expected to showcase profitable expansions into high-margin sectors like electric tricycles, industrial controls, and e-sports XPG products.

The industry’s pulse on DRAM and NAND Flash markets predicts a favorable uptick in prices, especially given the anticipated supply constraints and robust demand recovery. ADATA’s strategic inventory acquisitions have positioned it well to capitalize on these trends, evidenced by a substantial 28.12% quarterly revenue increase in Q4 2023 to 11.023 billion yuan.

The year 2023 has been transformative for ADATA, with its full-year consolidated revenue reaching 33.685 billion yuan. The operating profit rate and net profit rate saw significant yearly increments, laying a robust foundation for sustained growth and profitability. As ADATA navigates the evolving tech landscape, its adept adaptation to market shifts and strategic product diversification herald a promising trajectory for 2024, aligning with the industry’s bullish outlook on memory and storage solutions.

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