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Acer Reports Strong Growth in October Revenue

Acer, a leading notebooks brand manufacturer, reveals a 7.2% YoY surge in consolidated revenue for October, signaling a robust performance
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In October, Acer posted a consolidated revenue of 19.352 billion yuan, marking a 7.2% annual increase. Impressively, the cumulative revenue for the first ten months surpassed pre-epidemic levels (2016-2019), standing at 197.518 billion yuan.

Key operational highlights in October include a 13.9% YoY rise in notebook computer product revenue, a notable 27.7% increase in e-sports product revenue, and a substantial 20.6% surge in Chromebook product revenue. Acer’s computer business demonstrates a significant rebound, with inventory levels being effectively managed. Additionally, the integration of generative AI-based usage models is underway.

Acer’s strategic expansion into diverse business domains positions the company to capitalize on evolving industry dynamics. Among its 11 publicly listed subsidiaries, several businesses in the incubation phase have displayed remarkable growth in October. Notably, Lian Yongji saw a 50% YoY increase in revenue, while Antus Technology Company reported a 24.2% rise. Acer Smart Innovation and Acer Zhitong also demonstrated impressive performance, with revenue up by 25.5% and 19.9% YoY respectively.

Acer’s multifaceted approach to business expansion appears to be paying off, as it not only strengthens its core offerings but also taps into emerging technologies and markets.

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