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Samsung and LG Collaborate to Expand Smart Home Ecosystems, Despite Competing Platforms

South Korea
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Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, two leading home appliance companies in Korea, have announced a partnership to allow their respective products to interact with each other’s smart home platforms. Despite this collaboration, Samsung’s ‘Smart Things’ and LG’s ‘LG ThinQ’ remain competitors. Both companies are working to enhance their applications beyond basic smart home functions, aiming to enrich them with content and community features.

LG ThinQ has seen an increase in subscribers this year, particularly among younger demographics. As of July, subscribers born in the 1990s and 2000s have nearly doubled, showing a 92% growth compared to January. LG attributes this growth to the introduction of ‘Taste’ and the ‘Life Research Institute’, along with user interface (UI) updates. These services, while not directly related to smart home functions, provide valuable information on using LG home appliances, particularly benefiting college students and those new to household management.

‘Taste’ offers food-related information, featuring popular YouTubers demonstrating the use of kitchen appliances and sharing around 300 simple recipes. ‘Life Research Institute’ provides insights from housekeeping experts and LG researchers, covering product usage, home appliance tips, and laundry-related advice.

Samsung Electronics has also focused on food-related services. Prior to IFA 2023, the company introduced ‘Samsung Food’, an app offering comprehensive dietary information. Expanding on the ‘Cooking’ section of SmartThings, this app now includes a community feature for users to share recipes and exchange ideas. It also employs artificial intelligence (AI) to provide tailored recipe recommendations based on user preferences, cooking experience, and nutritional considerations. Samsung plans to integrate various kitchen appliances, including ovens, induction cookers, microwaves, and refrigerators, with Samsung Food.

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