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Rebellion Partners with Samsung to Develop Next-Gen AI Semiconductors for Generative AI

South Korea
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Korean startup Rebellion, specializing in AI-focused semiconductor development, is collaborating with tech giant Samsung Electronics to co-create advanced AI semiconductors. The jointly developed ‘Revel’ chip, designed for generative AI applications, is slated for production in the latter half of the coming year. Unlike conventional semiconductors, AI chips deliver at least tenfold higher performance levels, catering to AI’s demanding computational needs. Rebellion will oversee the chip’s circuit design and validation, while Samsung Electronics will manufacture it using their 4-nanometer process. This collaboration marks the first time a Korean company has partnered on the entire process, from design to production, for AI semiconductors. By enhancing domestic AI semiconductor capabilities, the companies aim to reduce reliance on foreign counterparts, particularly in the booming generative AI sector.

Key Points:

  • Rebellion and Samsung Electronics are co-developing the ‘Revel’ AI semiconductor optimized for generative AI, set to be produced in the second half of the upcoming year.
  • Rebellion specializes in semiconductor design, attracting employees with extensive experience from major tech companies like IBM, Intel, and SpaceX.
  • This partnership represents the first instance of a Korean company jointly participating in the full development-to-production cycle of AI semiconductors.
  • By bolstering domestic AI semiconductor technology, the collaboration aims to decrease dependence on foreign providers and gain a competitive edge in the global market.
  • Rebellion’s previous AI semiconductor offerings include ‘Ion’ for fintech applications and ‘Atom’ for cloud service data centers.
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